You’ve probably watched numerous wildlife documentaries on TV and marvelled at the incredible animals in stunning scenery. I’ve been lucky enough to work as a cameraman for the past thirty years filming over sixty documentaries such as; Big Cat Diary, Wild Planet and more recently This Wild Life featuring Saba Douglas-Hamilton and family at Elephant Watch Camp. As a wildlife naturalist my knowledge of animal behaviour has enabled me to capture exciting footage by positioning myself with cameras and crew in the right place at the right time.

I’m now working as a Safari guide on trips booked through Africa Exclusive in the UK and number of smaller travel companies around the world. I specialise in bespoke photographic safaris where I make it my aim to ensure that every client returns home with superb photographs they’ve taken using skills they’ve learnt from me during their safari.

If you would like me as your safari guide then please get in touch through my sign up form and we can start discussing an itinerary and plan out a safari holiday to match your budget and dreams.